Newly Diagnosed with HIV/AIDS?

Everyone's experience of being diagnosed with HIV is different and often takes time to adjust to your new reality.

The life expectancy of people with HIV is more or less the same as everyone else providing that the HIV is appropriately managed.

When you attend Positive Lives, a specialist HIV doctor will conduct a number of tests to check your immune system and monitor your general health. He will request a HIV viral load which reflects the amount of HIV in your blood and your CD4 count will also be checked, which gives an indication of the level of your immune system at this time. In addition you will have a complete physical examination.

You may find it useful to think about what you want to ask your doctor beforehand. There are no right or wrong questions to ask, and don't worry if you don't understand everything immediately. There'll be plenty of opportunities to get more information later and you can also see our onsite counsellor to work through your experiences.

Try not to deal with your situation alone. There are lots of people living full healthy lives whilst managing their HIV. Look at Positive Heroes for some examples. It is important that you have someone to talk to such as a family member or close friend. In addition there are also helplines and support groups available.

You can assist your immune system by having regular exercise, a well balanced diet and avoidance of dangerous habits such as recreational drugs, smoking and alcohol abuse. Our onsite dietician is available to help you.

Your doctor will decide if you need to start with HIV drug treatment.

We are able to assist you with issues such as disclosure of your status, managing lifestyle changes, talking about how you negotiate safe sex and how to protect yourself and others.

Our services are totally confidential.